Tampa Day 3

It is never easy waking up at the crack of dawn (especially when on spring break). However, the call of doing good motivated us all along and we were up and at ’em by 6.30am. The Maryland Hillel team was divided into two groups to tackle two different working assignments. The first group were posted at “Mission Ministries” which is an interfaith project that provides services like a soup kitchen, thrift store and more to the local community. Our group spent the day assisting this amazing organization in preparing for a large scale event to provide food to people who though still employed do not make enough money to feed their families. The best part of the project was the ability to interact with so many people who were recipients of the work. Students were deeply touched by the experience.

The second Maryland group got to work, with an organization named Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay, on a 109 year old house, owned by Dee Johnson. We spent much of the day cleaning up the garden which was covered in a healthy pile of leaves. It was extraordinary. Additionally, we prepared the house for the beautiful coating of paint it is to receive today. Undoubtedly the greatest part of the day was having Dee work along side us. We had the opportunity to learn about her, and her family, and the community.

After the day’s labors we had a chance to relax in Ybor City, the former cigar capital of the USA. It was nice to take in some of the creature comforts like Starbucks, and ice-cream shop, and restaurants. However, the experience was a bit different and we viewed these things in a new lights since we now understand how inaccessible these things are to all too many people.

We are now up and geared up to embrace the new day. We will keep you posted.


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