Tampa Day 4

Today we did our second day of work with Rebuilding Together and Mission Ministries.

The Rebuilding Together group painted the house that was prepped yesterday. The colors chosen by Dee were purple and teal!  Everyone had fun and many came back covered in paint.

Mission Ministries group worked hard today to sort out donated food and help in the homeless shelters kitchen. We mad a new friend in George, an employee at Mission Ministires and learned all about his grandkids and philosphies on politics. Our biggest lesson today was when you donate food to the homeless shelters or other organizations accepting it, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CHECK THE EXPIRATION DATE!  It was so sad to have to throw out expired food 😦 We even found a can that expired in 1993! so  check, and recheck! (because otherwise we have to!)

Afterwards the whole trip went to the USF Hillel to hear a talk about homelessness in Hillsborough county (where we have been working!).  They gave us chocolate!!!!

We are all exhausted and can’t wait to find comfort in our pillows.

Tomorrow  we are headed back to Mission Ministries with the rest of our trip. We are also excited for the beach before Shabbat!

-Judy and Sahar 🙂


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