Today we spent the day in a poor neighborhood in Uruguay. We witnessed poverty that most of us cannot fathom. Amongst the dirt, garbage and poor conditions, students began to build the foundation for 3 homes. It was an amazing experience and after the initial shock of our surroundings, we quickly got to work on building a home for these families. These homes will provide 3 families with shelter and dignity.

The families that we are building the homes for are working alongside us and welcoming us into their lives. We are sharing hugs, kisses, playing with their children and using what little spanish we have to communicate.

Tomorrow we finish building the home and we will have welcome home parties for all of the families. My group took pictures of the family, had it developed and framed and will give it to them tomorrow to display with pride in their new home. They told us that this will be their first family photo.

After we complete the homes tomorrow, we will spend Thursday with the Jewish community and Friday will be spent working on a farm that helps families feed and sustain themselves.

It is truly an unbelievable experience, however, the poverty and conditions were are witnessing are tragic and disturbing.


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