LA! Day 2…getting into it.

Today, I met Lesly, a 3rd grader at Hazeltine Elementary.  When I first sat down, she was the quietest of the three girls to whom I gave homework help.  But after a short while, I was filled in on what seemed like every detail of her life.  After thirty minutes, I knew the name of her pet bird, Rico…I knew that her favorite color was the same as mine, purple…and I knew that she loved her little brother but that he annoyed her non-stop.  By the end of the day, I had to create a diversion just so she wouldn’t drag me home to be her live-in playmate.

This was the highlight of my day number 2.  It reminded me of service that I had done in the past, but never was I received so quickly with open arms…what a community.



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