3rd day..in LA!!

LA Day 3:

Today was awesome. And not just awesome because I’m in sunny Los Angeles, but because I made an impact on some children that I would have never met had I not come on this trip.

We have thus far met twice with small groups of children in the “Kidz Lit” program, where we pair up and make a lesson plan to read, discuss, and engage the kids with a book we choose. I had a difficult time yesterday and was a little discouraged, but today Becca (my partner in crime) and I came up with a new lesson plan involving drawing about our dreams and goals, similar to our story about Duke Ellington and his rise to success through setting and achieving goals. Not only did I get to express my love for soccer and my goal to own a large motor yacht, but I learned about my kid’s dreams of being rock stars, doctors, and baseball players.

One child, named Juan Carlos, drew a picture of himself as the president. When I asked him what he would do as the Commander in Chief, he simply replied “I would help people.” On this trip, I have found a lot of meaning and inspiration from the simplicity of helping people, especially Juan Carlos. His reading and active participation in the group visibly improved; he was engaged in the story and related to the character. Best of all, his goal wasn’t pushed back by his surroundings or other’s expectations for him. His goal was purely for the benefit of others. With 5 simple words, “President”, and “I would help people”, Juan Carlos has changed my life’s perspective just a little bit. And I hope I, too, have changed his.


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