Ice cream and giant whales!

Hello Everyone,

My name is Danny Rothberg and I am the token British person on the trip therefore I am am savoUring the flavoUr of this holiday. Today I spent the day with the children at Metropolitan Ministries. Whilst my fellow Spring Breakers spent the day sweating in the sun or taking out rubbish for the kitchen I spent a relaxing day of cookies, lunch at 11am and nap break which lasted from 11:30am to 2pm (nicely broken up by our lunch break at 12:30). Surprisingly Stacy, Wendy and I were not overwhelmed by our day as everyone else on the trip. We then returned to Tampa Hillel for another talk; it was as great as the last one. Apparently there was some basketball game on at the time (a sport much like netball but that is a really big deal in these former colonies) so despite Tufts and Kansas asking questions we managed to see the end of the game. From there we went to Tampa City. After dinner, Elan and Marissa (who are censoring this message) got the group ice cream and cake which was incredible. We love Marissa and Elan. The night concluded with climbing on a giant whale outside the aquarium till the nasty aquarium people chased us away. We then headed home and looked forward to our lay-in (till 8am) tomorrow. Rule Brittania! Cheerio!


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