The American View

Hello All,

After Danny’s hysterical attack on our culture, I felt the need to further explain our activities in a non-British manner. Today, the group split into two, with one group going to the Ministries to do work with children as well as organize food and clothing, and do other handiwork at the center. In addition ten Maryland students went to continue work with Rebuilding Together, repairing houses in the West Tampa area. We finished work on three sites, touching up paint, building handrails, and replacing screens and doors. The work was fun, and we were able to spend time outside in the beautiful weather of Tampa.

Outside of the wonderful work helping people, I feel compelled to give an athletic update. First, last night a group of University of Maryland all-stars played a group of University of Kansas students in basketball in preparation for the NCAA tournament game today. We won, and the stage was set for the real basketball players’ big game today against California. After a hard day of work, and a thrilling speaker that lasted until about 9 minutes left in the game, we were able to watch the end of the game at the University of South Florida Hillel. After the victory, we spontaneously broke into a variety of Maryland cheers including the fight song. Then, we were able to go out for a few hours of relaxation in Channel Side. Overall, the day was very rewarding and fun, coupling productive and meaningful work with a plethora of fun activities.

Go Terps!


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