Uruguay– the ultimate Zionest community!

Growing up as an American Jew, I experienced Zionism in my community– but nothing compares to the incredible desire of the Uruguain Jewish population to make aliyah! Uruguay has the highest rate of Aliyah of any country in the world. The same amount of Uruguain Jews in Uruguay live in Israel – 15,000 people in each country. Everything that the Jewish community does here revolves around solidarity with Israel. No matter what type of Jew you are – religious or secular – the Jews of Uruguay feel a constant connection and longing for the land of Israel. The majority of the younger generations make Aliyah on their own and are supported and encouraged by their community and families. Two of our young Uruguain Hillel leaders are making Aliyah in the next year. In addition, most of the Jews here are fluent in Hebrew. If we find ourselves unable to communicate in Spanish or English, we rely on our Hebrew!


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