la…5th day!

Today was our last day of volunteering at LA’s family housing and Hazeltine Elementary School. In the morning our group split up at the shelter and conquered all that needed to be done. Half of us continued working in the clothing room organizing clothes by gender and sizes so the residents can easily access clothes that they need. The other group made “bed- in-a-bag” for the residents to use. This consisted of folding sheets, towels, and comforters, and tying them all together in one compact bundle.  Finally, during the week we raised 100 dollars as a group and bought Target gift cards which we donated to the shelter as well.  These giftcards will be given to families when they leave the shelter to help them on their way to independence.

At Hazeltine Elementary we played with the kids for the last time and we were all sad to say goodbye. We hoola hooped until our hips hurt and we played a rousing soccer game! Afterwards the kids showed us their gratitude by writing us thank you notes and asking us to come back soon. The staff of LA’s Best presented us with a slide show that had pictures from through out the week as well as delicious cupcakes and fancy draw- string bags. All of their gratitude made the week worth while.

It has been a tiresome but rewarding week and we are all excited to welcome Shabbat together. We will soon be returning to UMD but we will always share these phenomenal memories in LA.



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