finally…SPRING BREAK!!!

Hey everyone!

On Friday, we had the pleasure of finally sleeping in late..until 7 am! We hopped on the bus and then took a ferry to Florida’s number one state park, Calidesi Island, and spent time on a secluded beach. Despite our failure to protect our skin from the sun, we were able to relax, see dolphins, and listen to Bob Marley while soaking in the sun. When we returned to the camp, we began preparations for Shabbat. We had a magnificent candle lighting service, followed by a Kabbalat Shabbat service. Then we split up into two groups, one of which had traditional Friday night services and the other went on a walk to relate nature to Judaism. We had a delicious Shabbat dinner, followed by an optional thought provoking discussion about  charity. We ended our night with an oneg celebration that was filled with songs and laughter.

We started off this morning with an optional egalitarian Saturday morning Shabbat  service. However, some of us did not need to set our alarms! We were finally able to wake up after sunrise and some participated in a morning work out led by our very own Mira Kahn. We started with a latin groove with Zumba dancing and ended with an ab work out. Then we were able to spend the rest of the day relaxing by the pool and watching the Maryland game (unfortunately, our NCAA journey is now over). Then, we had a Havdallah service under the stars that united the three schools together. We ended the night with a phenomenal slide show capturing the wonders of our week and an ice cream party. It was a great way to end a week we will never forget!!

With love,

Jamie and Hilary


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