South Dakota update 3

Kristina Laguerre, Christine Dever, Jen Schwarz, Gabby Kocerha

Last night we heard from Will Peters (Teacher of the red ways) who educates and guides youth. He had us all at the edge of our seats as he mixed humor with motivational words. We all felt the truth and honesty from which he spoke. Will Peters spoke about the different issues people face here on the reservation from gangs to drungs. He also spoke about the forgotten Native American history that we don’t learn about in our text books. As a group of majority women, he empowered us women by teaching how woman are sacred in Native American culture. He finished his talk by explaining the red, white, black and yellow colors of the Lakota people and telling us how the colors unite all people in the world, a message that resounds with us as an interfaith group.

Following the guest speaker the Univeristy of Maryland Group ended our night with some interfaith dialogue. The discussion was opened up with the opportunity for any of the students to ask questions they may have had on their mind which included questions on interntion, questioning, and history in religion. A healthy discussion folowed; there has been a lot of open dialogue and respect in leraning from one another’s religion and faiths. Naturally we have also come to find that within our many different faiths, we have been finding many commonalities that take a large part in our beliefs and everyday lives.


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