South Dakota – Last Blog Entry!

Blog writers: Hana Elhattab, Hannah Spiro, Katie Thompson, Amy Austin

Yesterday I spent my day working to build a trailor that was in disarray. I spent my time fixing the plumbing in the trailor. It was an amazing experience to not only learn how to plumb but to see the reaction on the womans face when we told her she had running water in her home again. To end the day, a group of us hiked up a small hill and star gazed. The view amazing!! From the hill we could see mars, numerous shooting stars, constellations some of which we made up ourselves. This trip has been incredibly eye opening and inspiring, I cannot wait to come back!

So yesterday was a wonderful day!! full of hard work and fun! we worked on naomi’s trailor, we skirted the trailer (i got under the trailer to drill the skirt from the inside.. in the dark!) and we installed a chimney.. it was amazing to see that we left the place in a much better state, so that was very satisfying, although, i definitely wish we could’ve done a lot more. Then we went to dinner at betty’s burgers and hiked a mountain and on the bus all the girls started singing backstreet boys song, so that was awesome..then we came back to remember, (were not allowed to shower so we were all dirty and smelly) and went up the mountain and watched the stars… By the way, katie did NOT see mars. we made up many constellations including the mickey constellation, snoopy constellation and the chirstmas sock. we laughed so hard and it was a hilarious night..
these people are wonderful and im very glad and appreciative that i got to spend this time with them.

Yesterday, our group worked on skirting and sealing a trailer, and installing a wood-burning stove where there was a broken window hole.
It is estimated that doing this to a trailer can cut propane use in the winter by 3/4… approximately 2,100 dollars of heating costs for a small trailer! We ate dinner as a big group at this great place called Bette’s Kitchen, literally an outdoor kitchen stuck in the side of the Black Hills, it was absolutely beautiful! Our night was great too… spent a lot of time as a group wrapping up our experiences and discussing all that we’ve learned over the last week. It is definitely going to be bittersweet for us all being home tomorrow!

Yesterday was an incredible way to end the trip. My group headed out to a trailer where we finished skirting it, sealing it, and fixing a window hole — and a few of us got to talk for a bit with one of the girls around our age who lived there. My heart broke when we drove away and I realized that our work here, for now at least, was done, but I’m trying to remind myself that every little bit does make a difference. Dinner was complete with breathtaking scenery — you don’t know what space and endless rolling hills are until you go to South Dakota — but our night was insanely beautiful. We stared at the stars, telling stories, laughing, and attempting a few moments of silence. I can’t wait to see those stars again (you can’t see that many from MD!). I will certainly be back!


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