Leaving on a Jet Plane

None of my bags are packed, but I’m ready to go.  I’m never the one to pack ahead of time.  You’d think I would forget things packing under the wire, but the stress makes me think of every detail.  Either way, I’m mentally prepared and pumped to get going.

Gita and I have been working hard to plan this awesome trip for months.  A little background, Gita and I led the trip to New Orleans last year and we had such a fun time working together that we came back for more.  We planned this Alternative Break trip from scratch.  We zeroed-in on youth and education as issues we wanted to focus on for the trip.  Then planned every detail—volunteer sites, housing, meals, fun night activities, and selected our awesome team!

Now it’s game time!  We have an amazing experience ahead of us.  Rewarding volunteer sites, late nights playing board games, and mini-road trips around Atlanta are just some of the fun times we’ll have.  And of course we have a lot of good surprises in-store for the team.

I plan on updating this blog at least daily, so make sure to check back to read all about our adventures.  We’ll have cameras and I’m bringing a video camera, so hopefully we’ll be able to share images and videos, too.  If not, we’ll upload them all afterward.  And I’ll try my best to give even more updates via Twitter @mjkurslasky or http://twitter.com/mjkurslasky.

You’ll hear from me soon.  Gone packing.


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