welcome to atlanta

Our Base Camp for the next week is SafeHouse.  We’re staying in a building that offers prayer servies and  a warm meal to hundreds of homeless individuals every night.  Everyone here is so nice.  Ken has been around sharing stories of his life as a formerly homeless man as he helps us all around the building.

After a long day of travels, nothing’s better than a delicious dinner.  We will be cooking some of our own meals while here. Even though we’re keeping the dishes simple, it’s much different preparing on such a large scale. For example, Rebecca had a little trouble figuring out the proper amount of salt to add to our broccoli. She added a bit too much.

After enjoying our first meal together, April’s friend Shira welcomed us to Atlanta.  Shira is a local Reconstructionist cantor that gave us a great perspective on Atlanta, especially with regards to some of the social constraints placed on those who live in poverty.  I was shocked to hear that Atlanta made laws to surpress the lower class.  This was followed by a round of ice breakers, of course, topped off by Ben’s comedy routine, complete with a Kermit voice.

We’re settling into our bedrooms and reading the writing on the wall from former visitors (both volunteers and homeless people who were give a place to stay).  Time for bed after an exhilarating first day.


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