Another Day in Paradise…

Hola amigos del Estados Unidos!

Last night, the rain began to fall– and by fall, we mean torrential downpour that continued into the day.  It was our first experience with tropical rain, and unfortunately we were unable to travel to the schools.  Not until this aftenoon were we able to see the scenic nearby mountains through the rainy mist. 

This morning, we had a 7:30 wake-up call and had toast, cornmeal, cereal, and bananas for breakfast.  Our orphanage leader Heather took us through orientation where we learned about all of the necessary rules and regulations about sanitation, culture, and behavior, as well as what we’ll be doing throughout the week.   We divided into our teaching groups and planned tomorrow’s anticipated English lessons. 

While the rain was debilitating, we still got a chance to meet and play with the children.  They are extremely energetic and very, very cute.  They had no issues with introducing themselves to us by using us as human jungle gyms.  In return, we introduced them to a few of our favorite childhood bar-mitzvah games (Coke and Pepsi) and Jewish camp games (Ga Ga).  There seemed to be no  limit to their enthusiasm. 

When game time ended, we followed the children to the orphanage and played basketball, watched TV, and hung out.  We are excited to spend more time with them over the next couple of days and will be watching a movie with them tonight.  We’re looking forward to tomorrow’s classroom experience and are unsure what to expect.  And parents – don’t worry, while encouraging our interaction with the children, the Orphanage Outreach leaders also persistently encourage us to hydrate and put on bug spray. 

For now, we’re hoping for cloudless skies and an enjoyable night under our mosquito nets!

At least we aren’t getting sunburnt. 

Hasta manana,

The fifteen amigos


One response to “Another Day in Paradise…

  1. i thought dominican kids played baseball . . . . . ?

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