dancing feet

If I had to pick a recurring theme for the day it would have to be dancing.  We danced with seniors in the morning, held a spontaneous dance party in the parking lot at CVS, and finished the day off by dancing to Jewish folk music.  We visited a government subsidized senior citizen home and played Bingo with the residents.  The simple game brought joy to their faces, especially since they had the chance to compete for prizes, in the form of cleaning supplies.  In between the games we broke into song and dance.

In the afternoon we went back to the Boys & Girls Club to be attacked by the energetic kids.   Since it’s been awhile since we took middle school math, we thought of fun ways to teach division in the car.

While traveling it might be hard to feel like you’re at home, but a local Jewish family really helped us feel comfortable and welcome in Atlanta.  Sim and Elana Pearl, parents of Maryland student Tali Pearl, opened their house to the whole group.  After pizza and an awesome salad, we learned about the Atlanta Jewish community.  The night was capped off with an accordion show from Sim, while we danced to the music.  Needless to say, it was a blast!

And, I almost forgot, we were joined for the day by the amazing Amy Weiss and Ari Israel.  We wish you could stay longer!


2 responses to “dancing feet

  1. WHAT AN AMAZING DAY spent with an amazing group of students doing amazing work for the Atlanta community! Thank you for welcoming me into the group and for letting me “crash” all of your dance parties! I wish I could have stayed longer but will be thinking of you guys all week and can’t wait to read more about your experiences and to hearing more upon your return!


    Thank you to everyone for a FANTASTIC day!

  2. And….a HUGE shout out to MJ and Gita – our student leaders who have planned an unbelievable experience for our students! Their level of care and sophistication that went into this trip is IMPRESSIVE! They are two fearless leaders!

    And….a HUGE shout out to April Baskin for being an outstanding staff and educator on our trip and for bringing all her dance moves to the south and making this trip truly HOT-Lanta!

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