the maryland spirit

We had a packed day of volunteering and we accomplished a lot of great work.  In the morning we visited the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, a childcare center for Atlanta’s homeless youth.  It was motivating to walk into a non-profit where you could feel the strength of the organization.  The building and the staff gave off such great vibes that we were pumped to get going.  As we walked down the hallway we saw the cute infants and toddlers in the rooms, but we had a major project to complete before we could play with the kids.

The shelter received such an abundance of supplies from its Holiday Drive that they had a closet full of bedding, kitchen supplies, clothes, and toys, for us to inventory and organize.  It seemed like a daunting task, but we had no problem putting 100% Terp energy to nearly finish.  Luckily, we’ll be able to visit again tomorrow to complete it.  As we worked on the supplies, a few of us at a time would sneak into the classrooms.  Miriam and I spent our fair share of time in the 6 weeks – 18 months room and it’s such a good feeling to see little kids smile and giggle.

Later on in the day we brought our high-energy teamwork to the Atlanta Community Food Bank.  We were joined by other volunteers and broke into teams to sort and box 4,600 pounds of food which will feed approximately 378 families for a number meals.  Our dancing, singing, and overall excitement help us accomplish a lot of work in a little time.  We made a quick stop at the Boys & Girls Club to say goodbye to the kids we’ve been interacting with over the best couple of days.  Several of us lead the kids in our new song, “Do Your Homework Every Day!”  Luckily, this time Alison finished her cheerleading lesson early, so she didn’t miss the vans pulling away.

Tonight Gita and I made the dinner for the team to reward them for all of their awesomeness.  I maybe biased, but I think it was the best meal our group has made yet.  Tonight we’re all chilling at SafeHouse–David’s making us brownies, Ellen’s showing-off her basketball skills, and Jeremy’s leading the workout crew in another ab workout.  I’ve got to go try the brownies.


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