more atlanta fun

We returned to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter to spend more time in the classrooms and to finish our work on the storage closet.  I spent most of the time in the preschool class.  Alison, David, Ilana, Carly, and I took the kids outside to play on the playground.  (Today was the first day with a substantial amount of sun and warmer weather.)  We went back inside to participate in a movement class with a local dance instructor.  The kids had a blast moving to the music!

In the afternoon we drove to Refugee Family Services and volunteered with their after school program.  We tutored and played games with kids from all over the world, including: Burundi, Somalia, and Burma.  I found it surprising that a majority of the youth had a good grasp of the English language.  Danny and Jeremy helped to clean the playground area by picking up huge piles of leaves.  After that, let’s just say they had some fun hitting each other with large bags of leaves (video coming soon).

Before a very moving reflection, we spent time hanging out in a local park.  The park was located right on the border of Atlanta city limits, so we had fun with drivers as we welcomed them to Atlanta with our usual song and dance.

For dinner we took the team out to Pita Palace for falafel and schwarma.  The carnivores especially like the meal, since all the food had been vegetarian up to this point.  Afterwards, we walked around Little Five Points before going to Dad’s Garage, a comedy club.  We didn’t find the improv group that funny, probably because we’ve been playing hilarious games of charades the past few nights.

Overall today was a lot of fun, but I can’t believe tomorrow’s our last day of volunteering.


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