it’s a beautiful day

Since we’re headed to Emory for Shabbat in a little bit, we only volunteered for half a day today.  We visited a children’s home that provides shelter, enrichment activities, and a variety of other services to orphaned children.  After touring the beautiful grounds, we got right to work.  We raked a large field that was covered with leaves until we got there.  Special shout-outs to Ellen and Alison for being superstar rakers!

Today was the first time we had weather that Gita and I were hoping for when we picked Atlanta for our trip.  In between the raking we took breaks to play stickball.  Breaking a sweat from playing hard and working even harder was a great way for us to end the week of community service.

We got back to SafeHouse a little bit ago and Vince from E2L joined our group for an evaluation and lunch.  Everybody is getting prepared and dressed for Shabbat.  I probably should start getting ready too.  I’ll write again once we’re back from Emory.


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