shabbat shenanigans

Emory was a blast!  We brought our fun with us to Emory Hillel on Friday and Chabad at Emory on Saturday.  We arrived to the Hillel House late Friday afternoon and met with the Executive Director, Michael.  We dropped off our suitcases and then Michael took us to their new building which will be complete this spring.  Services and dinner were located in the Student Union.  After dinner we showed-off our signing skills by getting a group of Emory students to join us.

Then we added back to the Hillel House and locked ourselves in for the night.  We played more charades and also spent time learning about each other.  Even though most of us have only known each other for a few days, everyone was very willing to open up and share personal stories.

We made our way to Chabad for a delicious Shabbat lunch.  The Lipskier family was extremely gracious as they welcomed us into their home.  We ended Shabbat festivities with a text study lead by Shira.  Shira wrapped things up just as beautifully as she kicked off, a full six days ago.

A gigantic thank you to Emory Hillel, Chabad, and all of the students that we met!


One response to “shabbat shenanigans

  1. Michael Rabkin, Emory Hillel Director

    We were thrilled to have the group visit us. Thanks for bringing your Maryland ruach to Atlanta!

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