goodbye atlanta

Wow!  Really?!  How is this week over already?  Looking back, our days have been packed with rewarding volunteering, fun group activities, fulfilling discussions, delicious food, and music-filled van rides.  As we prepare to leave Atlanta and end our Alternative Break, it’s crucial for us to remember that this can’t be the end.  I’m headed back to campus with a new group of friends, memories, and stories to tell.  In many of our discussions throughout the trip, we’ve talked about ways that we can continue to participate in service back in College Park.  We have a lot of great ideas and I’m ready for us to carry them out!

The rooms we’ve been staying in for the last week have notes and drawings on the walls from past visitors.  We’re taking part in this tradition by leaving our two cents on the walls.

We’re off to take one last adventure to the World of Coca-Cola to learn about the history of this Atlanta mainstay.  Let’s see who in our group is brave enough to try the Beverly.


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