welcome to the state where the plants fight back…

Today ASB Tuscon experienced time change complication at its best. Thank G-d for technology, because without our trustworthy phones altering time for us, between daylight savings and time zone changes we would not have made it through all of our various phases of transportation, to finally arrive in sunny Arizona. Somehow we left Reagan airport at 6 a.m., and ended up in Tuscon at 10:15 a.m., after 2 flights, each more than 2 hours, and an almost 2 hour layover in the middle.

Once in the airport we all laid out on the ground to begin our tanning process as the over-21 members of our group went to pick up the rental vans. We got our first taste of the friendly atmosphere here as multiple locals passed by and commented. Then the boys came and got us, and we drove to the Roadrunner Hostel, accompanied by some sweet mix CDs, courtesy of our wonderful trip leader, Seth Finkelstein.

We got to the hostel and piled into our boys and girls rooms respectively, seven of us in each on three bunk-beds and a floor matress. Quite the tight fit, but hey, it’s all part of the bonding experience! We then split up, and sent Rachel, our other wonderful trip leader, and Baruch, our resident head chef, to go food shopping with Ilan, our awesome South African chaperone, while the rest of us took a stroll down to the University of Arizona where there was a book fair being held.

We picked a meeting place, which Seth deemed “pride rock”, and went on our merry ways to grab some lunch, shop, and just explore the area. When we all met up a couple of hours later, we had all gotten a bit of a more red tinge to our skin– some more than others…Aloe will be a necessary reinforcement to be brought in.

Finally, we reconvened back at the hostel, where some unpacked groceries, some began cooking dinner, and some kicked back and watched Mulan. We then sat down for a delicious dinner of “facos” — fake meat tacos. We had a wide array of options to add to our creations. Just as we were sitting down, Mary Pat, the head of Comin’ Home, graced us with her presence along with two other members of the organization that we’ll be working with.  Over dinner they introduced us to what they do and  briefed us on our schedule for the next few days.

We are now sitting around exhausted, being motivated for a productive day of apartment refurbishing tomorrow. Although it is only about 8 p.m. It is time to say good night.

– Sarah Kraut


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