Orlando Update – 3.15.10

We arrived at the church around 2 yesterday. Our National Relief Network leader Mary is extremely helpful and while she went out to get the groceries we took a nice walk around the area. The weather here is gorgeous which is a nice change from back home. One group of us took to the playground as others went out to the courtyards to take a long nap under the sun. We played a shoe tossing game off the swings which resulted in Ben as ultimate champion, Ashley in distraught 2nd, and Evan in last due to an inability to aim.  Unfortunately the sun resulted in quite a few lobsters:) Today there is a lot of sunscreen going around don’t worry. We learned quite a few lessons about each other last night. Ryan is competitive in everything he does and a bit of a lucky winner. Jared is really tricky at BS with his twitchy eyes.

 Last night we had a discussion about poverty using quotes from around the world. We described and analyzed the quotes with the goal of better understanding the dimensions of poverty. The discussion also involved debating the current issues surrounding poverty, such as the social mobility of the poor. We all left the discussion better prepared to encounter our work today and in the future.

Today its off to work!


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