Miami – Day 1!!

Today we painted a community center, Gould Park (affectionately called “Goo Pahhh”, by Derrick, a particularly lively 4th grader) that serves as a place for kids to come and hang out rather than be on the street, and after that we did arts and crafts with some 4th graders. Javon ended up wearing Scotty’s kippah the entire day, and Illana tried to explain to a kid why she painted an Israeli flag… then we heard from a panel of three people who used to be homeless and are now on the track to a normal life… it was really really intense… It taught us that behind every homeless person there is a story you cannot even begin to fathom. After we had a debriefing/reflection discussion, talking about reactions to the day, and tikkun olam, our obligation to social justice. It was a great discussion! (probably b/c the last question I asked was “what are we doing tonight?” – haha) …… grandma called me and decided that I was SOOOO busy as a trip leader that she understood if I couldn’t find time to meet them if they drove down to Miami from Boca…. oooo grandma….
At night went bowling in the sickest place ever… it was an “elite luxury bowling” place… basically it was a bar/ bowling alley… and it was empty to so it was so much fun… and of course… I won.
Tata from MIAMI!!!!
– Jason


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