More from Orlando!

Day 2 on work sites.
Group 1- tammys house, sanding and completing dry wall
Group 2- regenerations, an upscaled resale store, the project of the church we are sleeping at. Aimee, Randi and Jackie spent all day ironing, sorting, and hanging up clothes. While working, we got to know a bunch of the people who volunteer at the store during their free time. Throughout the day we got to see every aspect of the store. Bender, Marissa, and Brina were doing a “man’s” job. Why do we say that? After we arrived at Regenerations we were told for the women to go fold and iron and the one man in the group was chosen to go to the back to take out an asbestos ceiling. After telling them the women can do construction work too, Marissa and Brina joined Bender in the back. Regenerations is hoping to expand so we were fixing up the back rooms. Many volunteers kept walking through the back, specifically elderly men. At one point Marissa and Brina were on the ladders taking down tiles while Bender was sweeping, Bender said to the man, “look all these women are doing the work while I’m sweeping.” The man replied, “that’s what happens when you allow equal rights.” Interesting. We completed two rooms! Looking forward to a new task tomorrow.

At the other site… Hello world its your boy ethan aka manishevits aka shabam aka yaboy! For shizzle! Today we put in work and got down and dirty. We sanded the mud on the ceilings which required a lot of physical strength, something I have an abundance of so it was pretty chilllll. We were all lookin fresh to death in our safety goggles and masks. Also we finished putting up the drywall. I’d say the highlight of today though was hanging out with Tammy-the homeowner and her two daughters- Jasmine and Isabel. I showed them my crucial backflip skills and they showed us their hannah montana sing along skillllz. They are adorable, yet intense, beating us all in a game of “chicken,” a basketball game they made up. Their energy and smiles were infectious, and it was truly a reminder to us all of how great it feels to help someone in need. They brought us cake and lemonade as a thank you and we loved it. Claude didn’t want any, apparently his doctor has him on the “tight and narrow.” He didn’t want any of our tacos we made either, its cool he’s still the man. OH I almost forgot to tell you, I got interviewed by the news! Don’t worry I kept myself composed and collected, answering questions with confidence and a distinct Ethan swagger, no one wanted my autograph but its cool I know they were just too timid to ask. That’s enough bloggivation for now. You’re welcome world. Its been ya boy ethana montana aka heavy E doin it dirty. Shout out to lil J son, my dawgs max and maddy, my main girl nancy-g and my boy Gary Goldspiel. PEACE!

After a little bit of a detour we found the YMCA. So it’s shower time for us and then it’s off to a chill night of bonding and Dairy Queen.


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