Painting in Orlando!

After breakfast and preparing lunches we took the bus to the sites for our first day of work. Six of us went to paint a house while the rest went to rebuild a woman’s ceiling. The few of us that went to paint had a blast! We had to first prime, then paint the entire outside of the house which didn’t take too long because of our hard work. Although most of the time was spent painting, we also took a few short breaks that we decided to use having multiple paint fights. While most of the paint was kept on the body, Randi and Ryans paint fight ventured upwards to their hair, covering their dark hair in a “skunk-like” appearance. Although they did not smell like skunks, the rest of us surely did from the day of hard painting. At the ceiling site we each took on different tasks to get the job done. The boys worked on cutting and measuring dry wall for the ceilings. Ethan crawled into the roof while jared, evan and bender did a great job and finished dry walling the bedroom! Marissa, Ashley, Ben, and Katie worked on sanding the ceiling to prepare for more mudding. Katie, Marissa, and Ashley ended up with gray hair from the dust that made them age at least 10 years. There was also some comments about the white powder all over Marissa and Ashley’s faces. Brina and Aimee took over mudding which resulted in ben having a spot of mud on him that looked a lot like bird poop. We all got time amongst the work to enjoy the sun and eat lunch as well as “play” basketball. Lastly, before leaving we met the woman who owned the home and her two little girls. We had the privilege of conversing with one of her lovely daughters. She spoke of her intellectual curiosity of mathematics and her desire to move back into her bedroom. Ben also mentioned: “she was swingin'” From there we came back to relax, cook dinner, and reflect. For our reflections, we discussed different scenarios and figured out what we would do morally in each situation. Off to work.


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