Would you rather go on a cruise or build a house– Mexico day two

Boy are we tired! After an extremely grueling day of building, we’re all recovering from day two in the windy Mexican desert. Today we spent the entire day finishing the room we started yesterday. The group had a blast making cement and laying bricks, forever changing the way we look at brick walls.

Rather than just building on our own, we worked alongside the family that owns the house– playing with their kids and bonding over PB&J. Talia Kirshenbaum managed the worksite alongside Benny Herskovitz, dancing atop the not-so-stable benches. Noah Drill lived up to his family’s expectations, as an excellent worker, and Sam Rosenberg kept us sane with his jokes and would-you-rathers.

Since we speak little to no Spanish, communication has been a challenge but non-verbal interactions have been meaningful and

Tonight Alejandro taught us more about Agua Prieta, the drug wars and the situations in border towns. He made an interesting point about how the news makes all border towns look extremely violent and dangerous, but Agua Prieta is completely safe. We found similarities between this and the way the media sensationalizes conflict in Israel, yet most places are perfectly safe.

We all send love to our families back home, and can’t wait to share more about our exciting experiences.

We want to leave you with some food for thought and things we’ve been discussing on the trip:
– The real issue is that we should be making life better so people don’t try to immigrate illegally.
– The difference that a good education makes, but it’s so expensive here.
– We’re able to bring a portable printer and digital cameras, but these people don’t have running water or toilets.
– If you think you have it bad, someone else has it worse than you

Tomorrow is an early wake up– 6:45 departure for a shelter for migrants who are captured and brought back to Mexico– should be interesting.

Hasta luego!


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