Message in a bottle

At one of our worksites, students were asked to write an anonymous thought about what they’ve learned or what they’re experiencing.  Here are the thoughts that they shared:

Don’t underestimate yourself and don’t give up. You are capable of

more than you think!

Every single person and every single house is important. Every person

who has come here to help is important.

The culture and the energy here is amazing

You can make such an impact and change someone else’s life in just a few days.

Everyone deserves the right to have and maintain their community. A

community should not be a privelege.

The city of new orleans still need volunteers each and everyday not

only to help rebuild the community, but to show support and raise


To abandon one’s culture even if the land is unsafe? Liveliehood?

Volunteer, donate, talk. People live their lives in NOLA. Some need

that connection to the land.

New Orleans is — beautiful place.

New Orleans has done a terrific job of bouncing back from such a

tragic event, but there is still plenty of work to be done.

There IS a lot of pain suffering.

I was here a year ago, and I forgot how much I love this city.  NOLA is not like any other place.

Hope still exists.  Humanity still can help.

Still a lot of empty lots, work still needs to be done


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