Final Orlando Blog!

Towards the end of our Disney trip Bender made a cameo appearance in the Indiana Jones (he stole the show) show while a group of us waited for hours in the Toy Story line. Although Steffan dominated, it was so worth the wait. The last group spent their final hours in Disney playing games and going to a showing of Indiana Jones. Unfortunately it was not the showing with Bender. We haven’t showered in 44 hours. We haven’t been in a bed in 31 hours. We’ve been on the bus for 20 hours. And now we are in DC in traffic. After getting a flat tire at 4AM and spending 5 hours at South of the Border, we are almost back! For most of the ride we slept, for the whole ride Ethan has been passed out. He might have been asleep more on this trip than he has been awake. Aimee slept straight through our last rest stop and this traffic is becoming unbearable. Claude really didn’t know what to do about the tire so we had a ton of extra bonding time to play more cards and just nap. Ryan and Jared beat Aimee and Brina so hard in a 3 hours spades gameĀ  at the 24 hour restaurant at South of the Border. After a week of having Jared’s phone alarm stuck in our heads, when a similar song came on in the restaraunt Ryan made up words to pass the time. It turns out words only made the song more annoying. The food wasn’t very good at all, but it gave us something to do for a few hours. It has been an extremely long and interesting bus ride. We will be home soon and just in time for the game! Go Terps!


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