All is well in INDIA!

Namaskaar (greetings in an informal Indian dialect) from Chiplun, India, 

All is going great.

Yesterday was a day of getting to know mumbai. We visited and saw the place where Gandhi worked and lived, the gateway to India arch and visited a synagogue. That night we were welcomed at a local synagogue and participated in a community member’s pre-briss, a tradition special to the Indian Jewish community. We were introduced to the organized chaos that is Mumbai traffic. One can understand a city with 19 million people can get busy.

After our scenic bus ride this morning and some group singing to pass the time we arrived in Chiplun, 6 hours, 7 monkeys, 20 oxen and one giant traffic jam later. After another delicious Indian lunch we headed to a museum and a garden where everyone got a much needed chance to stretch. Now we are sipping chai (tea), another Indian tradition and getting to know the young Jewish Indians that are with us on the retreat.

The farther we move away from Mumbai the more our light skin designates us for rock star status. People come up to us and ask to take pictures with us. Quite the experience. Everywhere we go what we see remains surreal from the mountains to the day to day life on the streets.

We are looking forward to getting to know our new peers better and are excited about going to the beach tomorrow! 

The 19 dost (friends).


One response to “All is well in INDIA!

  1. Aqui estamos en Nochebuena, Casa Lucinda, mirando las fotos y hablando de ti y mirando las fotos – Katya, Aja y yo

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