Seeing India!

Today we got off to an early start so we could make the 5 hour (ish) trek to Camp in Chiplun. We got to check out some great views along the way as we left the busy city and drove through villages and smaller towns. Whether it was the crazy organized (debatable) chaos of Indian traffic, the random fruit vendors and people, or the large assortment of monkeys, cows, chickens, and dogs on the side of the road, there was never a dull moment when looking out the window! After the 5 (give or take 3 hours) bus ride we pulled up to Camp to be pleasantly surprised that this year Camp is being held at a hotel called Hotel Shalom! We are here for a 4 day semi annual retreat with some of the Jewish youth from India. There are about 50 of us in all and we are already having a great time getting to know each other.

As we got off the bus we felt like celebrities because this small village rarely hosts Western visitors and pictures with us were in high demand…we obviously loved the attention! We went to a museum and park, and returned for dinner, reflection, and a brief trivia game testing our combined knowledge of India, America, and Israel. Aside from our extreme jet lag we are feeling great and excited about the next few days at “Camp”. Tomorrow we head to a beach and into our Shabbat celebration. Got to get to bed so we can tap into all that pent up Maryland energy….goodnight mom and dad! Love, your little Terps


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